Monday, March 9, 2009

Squirrel and Biondina Updates

Well I didn't finish Biondina over the weekend. I had a busier weekend than I had planned. My fiance and I went to lunch on Saturday, and from there, we figured we'd drive around and scout good wedding ceremony locations. It was a total bust, and I ended up depressed that we live in such a crappy area. Beautiful's all an illusion! Not one pretty garden or pretty landscaped area at a park in my city or the neighboring city. The Rose Garden is nothing but sticks and thorny twigs, the Fragrence Garden is brownish green, with no fragrant flowers, and over near the wedding gazebo, they have 3 large thick beams of wood sticking up out of the ground with hoses hanging on it. Like i want that in my wedding pictures! And they obviously aren't using them, because otherwise the area would be greener, not brown-green. Logic would tell you that since we just came out of a long winter, it's too early for things to be pretty. BUT, when I was driving down 41 on my way home from the non-existant Fragrence Garden, I noticed beautiful lush green grass, beautiful flowering trees with bright flowers on them, all in the MEDIAN. How sad is it that we take better care of our medians than we do our parks and gardens?? I'm half tempted to have my ceremony in the median of US 41.

Anyway, so then on Sunday, I went to watch my aunt and cousin get baptized, and then went straight from the church to a wedding expo with my mom. So I didn't get much work done on either of my drawings. But I did manage some, so here are the updates.

Biondina is coming along nicely. Lots more work to do, though. I lost some of the likeness in her face along the line, so I need to go back in and fix that. And right now I've got her eyes blue, but don't worry they won't stay that way. (In case I never mentioned it, you can always click on the pictures in my posts to view them larger.)

And then there's the squirrel. I worked on it a bit on Saturday morning, before we got moving for the day, and a little after work today. You can see I'm beginning to get a bit of depth in there with the leaves. The bright area in the middle there is finished. So that's pretty much what the whole thing will look like when it's complete.Now that it stays light out later in the evening, I will have a bit of daylight left when I come home from work. I will be able to work on this a bit during the week, instead of always waiting for the weekends. So more to come later this week, stay tuned! :)


  1. Glad to see you getting back to the squirrel! It is looking good. Sounds like you had a very busy time!

  2. I did, and I hate busy weekends! lol. Thanks for watching Lori. I plan to finish the squirrel before working on anything else now. The deadline is getting too close to play around. lol. :)