Sunday, March 15, 2009

More on the Squirrel

Well I thought I would get more of this done during the week, but I didn't. My fiance and I went out to dinner Monday night to scout a restaurant that I stumbled across as a possible location for our wedding. It was pretty nice, so we're going to keep that in mind, but we're still going to keep looking.

On Thursday, me and my best friend went to see the New Kids on the Block. LOL. I have to tell you, we really didn't think we would enjoy it. We haven't listened to them in 17 or 18 years. (Wow that makes me feel old!) The music is the complete opposite of what we listen to now. I tried to listen to their music at work the day of the show, and I really couldn't get into it. And I couldn't remember any of the words. But when I was 10-11yrs old, I was a superfan! I had everything; pillows, the sheet set, the bath towel set, the beach towel, a hat, t-shirts, I even had a Joe doll! lol. (I still have him, he's in the attic with Ken and Barbie. I also still have the pillow and the hat, but I have no idea what happened to the other stuff).

Anyway, we figured even though we didn't think we'd like it, we had to go because we never got to when we were kids. It was like we had to fulfill this childhood dream. lol. We didn't care about it so much that we arrived to the show an hour and a half late, I bought the cheapest tickets so we were in the very last row of the upper level. We even expected that we would only watch a few songs and then duck out before the end. But when we got in there...our whole attitude changed. We realized, once a fan, always a fan. lol. We felt like we were 12 again. They put on a great show, that had us totally enjoying ourselves. Laughing at ourselves. And while there, even the words came flooding back to me. It must have been the atmosphere, the spirit of the place. There were a lot more people there than I expected there to be. The show reignited my love for NKOTB, and my crush on Donnie Wahlberg. (I always did have a thing for the "bad boys"). I bought a t-shirt that says "Property of Donnie Wahlberg, NKOTB". I took tons of pictures. And we decided that next time they come, we're there, on time, and we're not getting the cheap tickets.

Here's a video clip of the show, followed by a couple of pictures. I have clips of complete songs, but the site has a video size limit of 100mb...and all the full songs were 400mb. Sorry about the bad sound quality, but this was taken on my digital camera...which I doubt was made for such loud sound. lol.

And for the record....NKOTB was the ONLY boy band I have ever been into! lol. And I liked that Donnie wore a Pantera shirt and a Misfits shirt. Oh wait, I have one more picture to add:

I totally agree with this sheet. lol. You can click on the pictures to see them full size. Just use your browsers back button to get back to the blog.

Friday night I had to take my doggie to the vet. She had potty problems due to a bacteria in her intestines. She got a shot, and 3 medications to take...and she seems to be doing better now. I spent all day yesterday filling out job applications. I'm trying to get a second job to help pay for my wedding. So I only worked on the squirrel Tuesday, Wednesday and today. Those leaves are slow going. But we're getting there. More to come soon. Hopefully this week will be less busy than the last. Talk to you soon!

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