Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Presenting: "Hanging Out"!

Today is the entry deadline, so just to leave myself time for complications, I went ahead and entered it last night. He's officially done for now. I would have liked more time to make adjustments and there is one area I'd like to change...but I can't do anything to it now until I hear back from the CPSA. I won't hear anything until the beginning of May. If I do not get into the exhibition...then you'll see this little guy getting a makeover.

I received a postcard from my local Alliance of the Arts reminding me that their Annual 2D/3D All Florida Juried Exhibition is coming up. The entry deadline for that is April 20th. I was hoping their's would be a little later, so that if I didn't get into the CPSA Exhibition, I could enter this same piece into the local Alliance Exhibition. Unfortunately, that won't happen. I do have one piece to enter, but may try to work on a second entry if I can complete something between now and then. I got into the local show last year with an untitled piece.

There is also a juried exhibition coming up for the Boca Raton Museum of Art. That deadline is April 22nd...so I'll enter the untitled piece that I entered into last years local exhibition. So that makes 3 exhibitions I will be entering into. Wish me luck that I get into at least one of them!

In between that, I also need to finish Biondina, and start the portrait of my cousins for my aunt in North Carolina. Artwork may move more slowly for a while as I made the mistake of telling one of my friends that I wanted to tone my upper arms for my wedding dress. She now has me going to her house 3 nights a week to workout on P90X, and expects me to work out at home on my own too! Aside from that, I also picked up a new hobby. I am going to try to turn my black thumb green, and see how long I can keep up gardening. I started a gardening blog to keep me motivated on that too. That idea seems to be working well for my artwork, so I'm sure it will work for the gardening too. That blog can be found here. I can't wait to get home and see how my plants are doing now that we've had a full day of sunshine after a day of rain and a day of gloom!


  1. Wow! Sounds like you have it going on! Good luck with all of your entries and it's nice to see the completed piece!