Friday, March 27, 2009

Can you tell which one is the real thing??

I ordered prints of two of my portraits from the Frame & Art Gallery in Ft. Myers, and got a call today that they were ready to be picked up. So after battling traffic on I-75, and having to get off at an exit with a Publix so I could go inside and let my car cool off while I bought a gallon of water to pour into it, I managed to make it to the gallery 15 minutes before they closed.

This is the first time I've ever had professional prints made of my work. The reason I did it this time, was because I am so attached to these two portraits, that I didn't want to part with the originals! I feel that these two are my best work so far, and really wanted to keep them all for myself. But a piece of me really wanted to give them to my brother. They're his kids....they're better than anything else I have given him, and he has everything I ever gave him hanging up in his house. So I thought, well...I'll get the next best thing. I'll have Giclee (pronounced zee-clay) prints made for myself, and give him the originals. It took me several months to talk myself into this decision. lol. So since I'd like to go up and visit him soon, I wanted to have them ready, so I went on a mission to find a place to print in my area. I was almost going to go with this place in Naples, until I read some fine print on their website that said that they held all rights to the image. What? It's MY don't hold any rights to it. So I continued my search until I found the Frame & Art Gallery owned by Michael Damico. Here is a link to Michael's blog. He is a great artist. And who better to trust your artwork with, than another artist?

Thanks to Michael and Nick from the Frame & Art Gallery, I have beautiful prints of my drawings. I will definitely go there again. The prints are gorgeous...and Michael and Nick were really nice. I spoke to Michael on the phone a couple of times before going in there, and he was always pleasant and helpful.

Can you tell which ones are the prints and which ones are the originals??

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