Sunday, February 1, 2009

Portrait Work In Progress

So like I said last weekend, I wanted to give you something new to look at. A break from the squirrel. (And I guess I wanted a break from working on it too. lol). So today, for the last mmmm...about 4 hours, I've been working on this portrait study of my uncle.

There is definitely something off here, but I can't quite put my finger on it...and after working and reworking for the last hour or so, and severely screwing up that eye on the viewers right, I'm tired of looking at it and decided to put it down for the night. I've posted it to WetCanvas and Scribbletalk so that my artist friends can tell me if they see what is wrong, and right after posting it, I saw a few things right off the bat. It is a very strange thing, that you could stare at a drawing and the reference photo side by side for hours and not see where you went wrong, but the second you post them on the computer, and see them on the monitor, tons of things jump right out at you.

This is done on UART 400 Grit, a sample piece which I requested from the company. This is my first time working on the UART, which is much like fine sandpaper. In fact, it basically is, it's sanded pastel paper. But I've used Prismacolor Colored Pencils, on this piece. There is a lot of tooth left over for reworking. But I am worried about how I'm going to fix his head shape, because I've found that I can't erase too well on this paper. So I will give that some thought...and post an update in a few days. :)


  1. Hi Jenna. You are doing a great job on the portrait. I think you already know what is wrong. It is the eye on the viewer's right. The subjects left eye. It seems to be angled wrong going up at an angle toward the edge of the face. I'm sure you'll be able to correct it and will have a great portrait!

  2. Hi Lori! Thanks for looking. Now that I see it again after putting it down overnight, it looks a lot worse than I thought it did last night. I got some suggestions from some artists on Wetcanvas and Scribbletalk and I can see now that I have quite a bit of things to fix. lol. I will rework it and post again soon. Stay Tuned..... :)