Monday, February 23, 2009

Nicole Caulfield Workshop

I am back from my first workshop. Nicole Caulfield is an awesome artist. I've followed her work since I joined Wetcanvas in December 2004. Since then she's been one of my favorite colored pencil artists.

I went to the workshop with my fiance's sister. We both enjoyed it and plan to look into other workshops that come near our area.

Nicole is really nice (as I already expected from having communicated with her through Wetcanvas and Scribbletalk), and I found her mannerisms in person reminded me a lot of my friend Hope.
I will admit, that I found that everytime Nicole would walk around to look at our work, when she stopped in front of or behind me, I stopped. lol. I was too intimidated to keep working while she was watching me! lol. I did try to force myself to keep going when I noticed myself doing that, though. And usually when I did stop, it opened up an opportunity to get help or advice on what I was having trouble with. So the intimidation did work to my advantage a little bit. lol.

I really liked watching Nicole work, in person. I've always thought that Wetcanvas and Scribbletalk were great resources for artists, and that you really learn a lot from being able to see photos of the work in progress, along with a written description of their technique and what materials they used and stuff. But it just doesn't compare to being able to watch an artist work in person. I liked to watch the other artists work as well. I was seated next to Nilda Rodriguez and I was in awe of how beautiful her work was. I kept stopping to watch her work on hers! lol.

I really didn't think that I would learn much that I didn't already know, because I've been reading Nicole's blog and posts on Wetcanvas and Scribbletalk for 4 or 5 years now...but I actually did.

Here are some pictures from the workshop. You can click on a pictures to enlarge them.

Day #1: Eggs Prismacolor pencils on Uart400 paper

Mine is the first one in the second row. My fiance's sister's is right above mine. Nicole's is the last one in the second row.

Day #2: Portrait with Polychromos on Fischer400 paper

Mine is the fourth one in on the bottom row, and my fiance's sister's is to the right of mine, and Nicole's is the second one in on the bottom row.

Day #3 Red Patent Leather Shoes with a watercolor underpainting, on pastelbord

Mine is the second one in on the bottom, and my fiance's sister's is to the right of mine. Nicole's is the top right hand corner. The watercolor underpainting was done on just the front shoe, and the back shoe was done without. We didn't have time to finish them, though because the last day of the workshop was only a half day. I do want to finish mine, though. Actually, I may start it over because I'm not happy with the way it turned out. lol.

I do look forward to trying some of her techniques on my own work. I can't wait to finish my squirrel so that I can start something new. lol. But I need to go back to that. I didn't get to work on it at all the last 2 weekends. So I better get moving. Next post will be an update on that one. Talk to you all real soon :)

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  1. Looks like it was a very good workshop and that you had fun!