Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Portrait Work In Progress II

I spent about an hour making adjustments tonight. I moved his right (viewer's left) eye down and slightly to the right. And I did a lot of shading. I'm still not liking the right side, that eye bothers me...but I think it's the shading. I will fix it eventually, just have to keep playing with it. I still have to fix the shape of his head...but I think I will have to put in a background to cover up the parts of the head that I can't erase. Unfortunately, this paper does not seem to be eraser friendly. But it has enough tooth that I can easily layer over my mistakes with more colored if I add in a background, I can layer over the weird head shape.

Other than that, just a few minor adjustments, and he's done. So look for maybe one or two more updates on this portrait, and then I must get back to my CPSA entry.

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  1. Looking much better! I know how frustrating this can be. Sometimes you just have to stop working on something and call it good or you overwork your drawing!

  2. Hi Jenna! I have awarded you an I Love Your Art Blog award. Stop by my blog to pick it up! If you can name 7 things you love and pass it on to 7 more!