Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things are moving along....

Ok....I'm sorry....I still haven't touched my portrait, or worked on any other colored pencil pieces. The most creative thing that I have done, is for my friends baby shower. Here is what I spent the last couple of weeks working on. They will be her invitations.

They'll go together....the ticket and the backstage pass. (The backstage pass is front and back). I'm planning on laminating the backstage pass and adding a lanyard. She is all about music...and she's having a girl and wanted a rockstar themed babyshower....or a Hello Kitty themed baby shower. So I combined the two! Her nickname is Korn Chick, because her favorite band is Korn. So I've dubbed her baby girl, Korn Chicklet. It would have been Korn Chip if she had a boy. lol. A lot of photoshop work went into that "concert ticket". But the backstage pass was pretty easy.

Yesterday I did a trial run of some of the goodies I plan to make for her shower. She got to see them today, and she loved them. But I can't show you those yet, gotta keep some secrets for the guests that might happen upon this blog. lol.

On the other side of things....we are moving along with wedding planning. I booked my the date is officially set. February 13th. Yay! we went to the bridal shop to try on bridesmaid dresses....and 3 of my girls have ordered theirs. The 4th girl is in Colorado and needs to get her measurements done and send them to me so we can order her dress. But that's all in the works.

Everything is going great! Here are the dresses we ordered today, picture taken from Alfred Angelo. The color is "eggplant". I also got a swatch so I can match other things to the dresses. Like the ribbons for the ring bearer pillow.

My dress should be in in about 2 more weeks. I can't wait! But I may end up needing to have it taken in, even though it fit me perfectly at the time I bought it. I've lost 3 pounds since I started cycling, and I want to lose 5-8 more. But we'll see.

This is all so exciting!!! Thank you to all my bridesmaids. I hope you all had fun today, and you will all look gorgeous in this dress!

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