Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creative Juices Are Flowing.....

Unfortunately I haven't found much time to work on my portrait as of late.... I'm sorry! I joined a gym and have been going to cycling classes 4 times a week. And the rest of my time is being taken up by wedding planning and baby shower planning.

I went out today to pick up a few things...and ended up spending WAY too much money. But I got MOST of what I need for the creative projects I'm doing for my friend Jeanette's baby shower in August. I won't mention anything now, because I don't want to spill the beans before the party...but she is going to LOVE the party that I'm planning. I've been working on designing her invitations, (which is just digital work in photoshop)...and I'll be making some decorations here pretty soon and just keeping them in a box so that I don't overwhelm myself trying to get everything done at once.

Next weekend, on Sunday, my bridesmaids, my mom and I will be gathering at the bridal store to try on bridesmaid dresses. So on Saturday, I am hoping to find some time to make up some of the treats that I plan to serve at Jeanette's baby shower, and have a little bit of a taste test at the bridal shop. So she will get to see that. But that's all I'm letting her see. lol. If I can pull it off...I know that she will absolutely LOVE them. lol.

So in August...I will post some pictures of all of my creative work...and links to wherever I got the ideas if they came from the internet.

For now....LAST weekend, I did find a bit of time on Saturday to create this flowerpot out of Fimo clay.

It was a &%*$# to make! But I wasn't giving up. And then yesterday, I planted some Golden Shower Tree seeds in it. For those who don't know what Golden Shower Tree is...I didn't name it, so don't ask me. lol. But click this link for Google Images to see what it looks like. Mine of course, won't look anything like that for several years...but hey...part of the fun, (I just learned last week) is starting the seeds. A co-worker got me started on this new kick of wanting to grow everything and anything. lol. We both planted some Tree Wisteria seeds, and they germinated in exactly one week. It was very exciting to watch! I actually can't wait to go back to work on Monday to see how big they got over the weekend. lol.

But anyway, that's all the creativity I've got to show you for this post. But I will try to get back to my portrait soon. I promise!

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  1. It does sound like you have a lot going on! Love the color of your flower pot!