Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

I'm sorry that I took so long to update. I've been crazy busy. But I did a tiny bit of work on the portrait during the week. (Ok, all I did was add clouds, lol). Here is the update:

Now all that is left to do is their likenesses. Aunt Paula, if you're out there....feel free to let me know what you notice that's off, and I can fix it. It's a lot more helpful when other people tell you what they see wrong, than for me to see it myself when the drawing is staring me in the face all the time. I will try to work on this more. I miss my colored pencils. I just wish I had more time!

Anyway, when I took the reference pictures down from the clips, I noticed this:

Do you see it? That distinct line, darker blue on the right, lighter blue on the left? Well, that used to be an even shade of blue. I had the reference picture for my oldest cousin clipped there, and the easel happens to sit close to a window. This is a lightfast issue. Some of the colored pencils are not lightfast, and they fade when exposed to light. You do not want to hang colored pencil artwork in direct light. (Or any artwork, for that matter....)

But I just wanted to show you this as a good example. The portrait faded in just a little over a month. Now, had I not had that picture clipped to the board over the drawing, so that the whole picture faded, the fading would not have been noticeable, but I think it is still something to try and avoid. Luckily, I did plan to add clouds, so it wasn't that big a deal. This time. I will definitely be more careful in the future!


  1. Wow! Wouldn't have thought of that! Thanks for the tip on fading. Luckily you were able to fix it.

  2. Jenna, first of all, exciting all your wedding plans, I love the bridesmaid dresses!

    Second, the portrait is coming along really nicely!!!!

    and last, the's the one thing that really to me is a negative, but I have recently reframed some 7 year old pieces and they were NOT faded! I think it's because I did keep them out of direct light AND because I sprayed them with the UV spray.

    I'm glad you were able to "cloud up" the area, lol!!

    PS I also love your flower pot!!

  3. Thanks Robin! I really appreciate your comments. Sorry it took so long for me to get it, I've been so busy that I don't come on my blog as often right now. :( But I hope to get back into it real soon.