Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hanging Out?

What do you think of "Hanging Out" as a title? I think that may be what I call it. He's kind of just hanging out on a branch of the tree. This was a very cute squirrel who seemed to be posing just for me. I got 2 shots of him...I'll draw the other one another time.

I worked on him a little bit today, so there isn't too much of a change from the last update, but I wanted to get a post in while I have time. My boyfriend's dad is visiting, so this weekend is going to be busy, but since they went fishing today and I stayed home, I had some time to work on this little guy.

The leaves are proving to be very tedious. I'm really forcing myself to move forward with this and not get lazy and close crop the squirrel just to avoid doing all the leaves! On the other picture I want to draw of him, I will do a closer crop without so many leaves. That's right, I'm taking the easy way out! lol.

I see a little bit of depth starting to emerge. I really hope I'm happy with this one when it's finished. I'd hate to throw it in the scrap pile. I may have some time on Monday to work on him, since I took the day off of work, so I may have another update Monday night.
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