Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Portrait Swap & Art Contest

The Portaiture Forum on Wetcanvas is having their 6th Annual Portrait Swap. I have always missed the deadline for signing up because I spend most of my time in the Colored Pencil Forum, and only check in on the Portraiture Forum once in a while. So last year, after missing the deadline yet again, I put a reminder in Google Calendar to email me weekly during the month of October, to remind me to check the forum for the Portrait Swap thread. I FINALLY got to sign up! Yesterday I found out that my parter is Claire Beadon Carnell. While you're checking out her website, check out her blog as well. I am so excited because Claire is a very talented artist, and I know that she will do an awesome job on my portrait.

I can't wait to exchange photos and get started! I had my co-worker take some photos of me yesterday so that I could choose one for the swap. I hope to get some time to look at them tonight and choose one to send to her before I go to the gym.

I've only participated in one portrait swap before. The Colored Pencil Forum had a "Guess Who?" Portrait Exchange in December of 2005. That one was done a little bit differently. We were not paired up together painting our partner's portrait. Instead it was kept secret who got who, and in the end when they were all posted up in the thread by a non-participating artist, we all had to guess who the artist was, and who the subject was. That was a lot of fun, and I was thrilled to find out that the artist who drew my portrait was Nicole Caulfield. Back in February this year, I went to a workshop taught by Nicole. She is one of my favorite colored pencil artists. Here is the portrait that Nicole drew of me.

And here is the portrait that I drew of another artist in the exchange. His name was Ed Gilmore, but I never saw him in the forum again after the exchange. I think I've improved a bit since 2005! lol
After the portrait swap is done, the artists mail their portraits to their respective partners. It's so much fun, and a great way to get to know fellow artists that you follow on the forum. Not to mention, not only do you get a piece of original artwork, but you also spread your artwork out to other states or sometimes even other countries that it may not necessarily go to otherwise.

So look forward to seeing my finished portrait in the coming weeks. I have to check on the dates again to find out what the deadline is.

In other news, I had intended to enter Zebrog into the Artist's Magazine All-Media Art Competition, but the deadline was November 2nd and I missed it. But I just got an email this morning that the deadline was extended to December 1st! So I might just have a chance to enter afterall! I just have to get my butt in gear and finish that drawing!

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