Saturday, April 18, 2009

WIP - Three Subject Portrait Continued...

Please excuse the glare from my flash, it was starting to get dark when I finally stopped drawing today. Oh, and the picture is a bit distorted, because it was leaning on my easel when I snapped the picture.

I decided I would pretty much block them all in, and then I can go back in and do tweeking for likeness later. I'm also trying to decide what color I'd like to do in the background. Aunt Paula, if you want a specific color...let me know.

I'll be working on it some more tomorrow...I'll probably have the house to myself for a while since my fiance is planning on going into work. I'm the most productive when I have the house to myself, whether it's cleaning, yard work, drawing or whatever...I get more done when I'm by myself, than when he's home. lol.

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  1. This is coming along wonderfully! Keep us posted!